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We are a creative company that focuses on building long-term relationships with our customers.

Remote Support

You do not need to travel a long way to solve your problems or find answers to your questions. We are just a phone call away.

Process Management

We analyse and report the risks that may occur in all your customs transactions for you. Thus, we create a profitable trade environment.


We make your trade accessible to all countries without country restrictions. Thus, we remove all barriers in your trade.

Import and Export

We provide various services including customs declarations and logistics management at every stage of import, export and all other customs processes.

What Are We Doing?

The services we offer are specially designed to meet your needs.

Our services offer comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to ensure that all customs procedures are managed quickly, efficiently and smoothly. Within the scope of our customs brokerage, we offer a range of services such as customs audits, documentation, tax calculations, tariff classification and trade agreements, as well as import and export transactions.

For businesses to be successful in international trade, they need to understand and implement complex customs procedures and regulations. We are here to make your business' international trade processes more effective and efficient. Each of our services is designed with your specific needs and objectives in mind, ensuring your compliance with ever-changing customs legislation. Our professional and experienced team will guide you through every stage of your customs clearance and help you overcome any challenges. Partner with us and help your business succeed in global markets

How do we work?

Accurate and Targeted Business Process

  • NEED ANALYSIS: The first step is to fully understand the client's needs and objectives. This involves analysing the client's business operations, import and export processes and customs clearance challenges in detail. This analysis allows us to develop solutions tailored to the customer's requirements.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Once the needs analysis is completed, a customised strategy is created to meet the identified needs. This includes a range of services, including documentation, preparation of customs declarations, tax calculations and compliance with customs audits.
  • PROCESS: Following the strategic planning phase, the necessary steps are taken to achieve the set goals. This involves implementing the planned strategies and solutions and making adjustments where necessary. Throughout the process, we are in constant dialogue with the customer and provide the necessary support at every stage.
  • MONITORING AND EVALUATION: After the operations are completed, the results of the activities carried out are monitored and evaluated. This stage involves analysing the effectiveness of the processes and applying lessons learned for future operations. This is critical for continuous improvement and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A Big Team Worldwide!

What Are We Doing?

Import & Export
As Monar Customs Consultancy, we finalise customs processes quickly and safely in full compliance with legal regulations. While making every effort to maximise customer satisfaction, we seek innovative solutions to simplify complex customs procedures. By closely monitoring the ever-changing nature of legislation, we aim to provide the most up-to-date and effective service to our customers. Monar is a reliable partner that enables businesses to fully utilise their potential in international trade.

Transit Trade Transactions
We manage the complex processes of transit trade effectively and smoothly thanks to our experienced staff. In the event that non-free circulation goods coming from outside the Turkish Customs Territory are directed to another customs administration, we ensure that these goods are transported in a reliable and fast manner. Each transaction is carefully monitored and managed so that transit trade operations are carried out easily and smoothly. The transport of goods to the customs office with the vehicles of our business partners is a critical component of our services and we carry out this process in a way that best suits the needs of our customers.

Warehouse Regime
We provide services knowing that goods in international trade must be subjected to a customs regime within the framework of Customs Law No. 4458 and related regulations. In particular, the bonded warehouse regime provides a solution for the fast and orderly realisation of the transactions related to the goods. This regime aims to reduce storage costs in the authorisation processes of products subject to authorisation, as well as processes such as handling, container separation, preparation for shipment.

Monar offers its experience in the management of all processes in the Warehouse regime to the service of its customers. Within the framework of this regime, we aim to finalise the transactions quickly and effectively by providing the most suitable options to our customers. As a result, Monar offers the most economical and practical solutions to its customers while managing the complexity of customs procedures.

Free Zone Transactions
In addition to our capacity to serve in all customs administrations throughout Turkey with our large and experienced staff, we also operate effectively in all free zones in Turkey. In this context, thanks to our qualified teams, we provide effective and efficient services in accordance with the unique legal regulations and operations of these zones. Our ability to respond to the specific needs and requirements of each region enables our business partners to manage their global transactions faster and more efficiently. Monar, with its wide service network and experienced staff, continues to provide a comprehensive service to its customers at national and international level.

HS and Binding Tariff
With our experienced Customs Tariff Statistics Position (GTIP) experts, we carry out the GTIP determination of the products. In this process, we aim to provide accurate and reliable service to our customers. GTIP determination is very important for determining which category each product falls into in customs procedures and calculating tax and other transaction costs accordingly. Our experts are fully familiar with national and international customs legislation and use this information to determine the most accurate and advantageous GTIP for our customers. Monar's goal is to provide all the necessary support and services to finalise the customs procedures of its customers in the fastest, most effective and lowest cost.

Customs and Foreign Trade Consultancy
Since 2009, it has been providing consultancy services on international and national foreign trade legislation as a leading organisation in the customs and foreign trade sector. Our experience is the most important factor determining the quality of this service. We closely monitor the legislative changes published by international organisations such as the World Trade Organisation and the European Union, as well as the updates in the laws of the countries with which Turkey conducts foreign trade. In this way, we always reach the most up-to-date and accurate information for our clients. Our consultancy services are also shared with international financial audit and consultancy companies to guarantee the accuracy and transparency of transactions. Monar continues to add value to its customers with this up-to-date and reliable information on foreign trade legislation.

Project Consultancy/Pre-Investment Incentive Planning
Monar effectively manages all processes of domestic and foreign capital investment projects with its project design and certification services. These services cover all steps from the preparation of projects to the application to the relevant authorities and obtaining the authorisation certificate. We provide services with our experienced team in the preparation of inward and outward processing authorisation documents, import and pre-export control documents, quotas and other necessary documents and permits. The certification process includes preparation and receipt of documents, completion of works and necessary procedures, closing of documents and reporting of the process. Monar completes its responsibilities by fulfilling all these processes for its customers and ensures that the processes are finalised efficiently and without errors.

Letter of Guarantee and Contracting Services
Monar offers specialised services in commitment and collateral follow-up, which constitute a comprehensive part of customs procedures. Commitments and guarantees given for inward processing regime, investment incentive certificate, temporary admission, warehouse, transit, on-vehicle and similar transactions are monitored in detail in accordance with the workflow. In addition, transactions such as the lack or sufficiency of documents and their withdrawal are meticulously carried out by our experienced team. In this process, Monar carries out the closure of commitments, resolution of guarantees and archiving of files in an organised manner. This area of expertise enables us to provide the most effective and fastest service to our customers, so that business processes are completed smoothly and efficiently.

Customs Procedures Audit Services
Monar offers a unique external audit service to its business partners in the foreign trade sector. This service includes a comprehensive review of the compliance of customs declarations and tax payments issued throughout the year with procedures and regulations. The auditing process involves a meticulous check of each declaration and tax payment and the determination of whether each transaction complies with procedures and legal regulations. This detailed audit process enables Monar to provide a safe and error-free service experience to its customers. Thanks to this service, our clients can verify the compliance of customs and tax processes with procedures and avoid potential legal problems.

Digital Archive
Monar stores customer data in encrypted form in accordance with the principles of the Information Security Management System. Archive data are shared at intervals and in formats determined in line with customer requests. This adaptable approach ensures compliance with legal requirements while increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, Monar's unique service ensures that the data is stored in the desired order and shared in the desired method, so that service quality and information security are met at the same time.

Courier Service
It responds to the rapidly changing business world with fast and effective services. Our comprehensive services include a reliable courier service that speeds up the delivery of documents and manages the process, while aiming to help businesses benefit from international trade. Our services speed up document delivery while ensuring efficiency and streamlining processes. Our electronic data storage and process monitoring service enables businesses to manage their trade operations more effectively. In summary, we are committed to helping businesses achieve success in international trade with our customs brokerage and courier services.

Special Reports
While we have standardised our transaction reporting services, we also have the capacity to provide reports that can be tailored to specific customer requirements. This approach allows us to provide detailed information on every stage of our transactions in a format that is tailored to our customers' needs and preferences. In short, in the context of all our operations, we have the ability to provide in-depth and comprehensive reports, customised according to the format and content requested by our customers. This can be seen as a step towards increasing customer satisfaction.