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Special Customs Solutions

As customs consultants, we work specifically to support the individual needs of your business and eliminate concerns that could affect the quality, efficiency or cost-effectiveness of your operation.

Together with you, we create practical solutions and integrate sustainable processes that guide your strategy on its intended path. Simultaneously, we develop your confidence in making informed strategic decisions through newly acquired knowledge and expertise.

Chance to Remove or Reduce Customs Duty

Clearance can be much more than an administrative burden. Businesses willing to embrace the process for what it is are much more likely to uncover hidden benefits and turn it into a powerful commercial tool.

There are numerous specialised customs procedures designed to facilitate modern production and distribution models. If you are interested in optimising your customs operation or are reviewing whether you can do more, book a consultation with one of our consultants.

Don't Forget Your Responsibilities

Customs compliance is an eternal responsibility that takes place before, during and after any customs clearance. Therefore, our customs compliance offering is designed to both protect your business from non-compliance and identify areas of inefficiency, such as overpaying customs duty.

Health Assessment

The Customs Health Assessment is effectively a self-executed audit and can be used as a great tool to ensure that your customs activities are as healthy as they first appear.

A comprehensive review of your past customs data will provide us with

  • To monitor whether your products have been declared correctly.
  • To detect ongoing non-compliance.
  • Be able to create a detailed corrective action plan for your business.
  • Whether your organisation has the right to identify and reclaim overpayments.
Compliance Review

Regularly reviewing your customs compliance policies should be a core business activity. Often, the decision between being compliant or non-compliant is not conscious. Our compliance review will cover

  • How do you classify your products?
  • Sectoral evidence.
  • Document management.
  • Valuation methods.
  • Applying the rules of origin.
  • Preparation of policy documents.
Audit Support

A customs inspection can be intimidating and something you need to be fully prepared for. If you have been selected for a post-clearance customs audit, you may need external support. Here are some of the ways we can support you:

  • Preparation of customs documents.
  • Updating policy and quality process documents.
  • Conduct an independent self-audit of your customs records.
  • Advise on corrective action for previously identified areas of non-compliance.
  • Having a customs representative to support you during the customs inspection.

Expertise, Fast Transactions, Customised Solutions

The constant evolution of customs rules and regulations means that developing and maintaining the knowledge of your leadership and operations teams is a challenging task. For this reason, you can contact us for your preferences to avoid incorrect costing, save time and smooth delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the answers to the most searched questions about customs consultancy on the internet for you.

Documents such as customs declaration, commercial invoice, freight invoice, packing list (cheque list) are usually required.

Customs duties are usually calculated depending on the value of the goods, the tariff schedule and import policies.

When filling out the customs declaration, information such as the details of the goods, value, country of origin, mode of transport must be entered correctly and completely.

Exports are the sale of goods and services from one country to another country, while imports are the bringing of goods and services from one country to another country.

Customs warehousing is a process that enables the storage of goods without payment of customs duties. Customs exemption is the exemption of goods that meet certain conditions from customs duties.

You can follow the changes in customs legislation through the official websites of customs authorities, announcements and current publications.

During customs inspections, it is important that the documents are regular and correct, the goods are declared correctly and compliance with customs legislation is ensured.

Compliance with customs legislation allows you to fulfil legal requirements as well as avoid criminal sanctions and creates a reliable trading environment.

Special customs regimes such as temporary import, active consumption, warehouse regime are customs practices that offer advantages to businesses that meet certain conditions.

When choosing a customs broker, it is important to consider factors such as experience, areas of expertise, references and customer satisfaction.


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