what is inward processing

Inward Processing Regime: Scope and Operation

Inward processing regime is an important strategy for the promotion of exports and enables many enterprises and companies working on this system to stand out in global competition. This regime stands out with the tax exemptions and incentives it provides for the use of raw materials, semi-materials, semi-finished products, finished products, intermediate goods, packaging and similar elements in the production process of products to be exported.
The main purpose of the inward processing regime is to give export products competitiveness in international markets, to expand export markets and to diversify export products...

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what is outward processing

External Processing Regime: Basic Principles and Functioning

The outward processing regime refers to a special arrangement whereby goods in free circulation are temporarily exported for processing, repair or reconditioning and then re-entry into free circulation with full or partial exemption. This regime is specifically designed to encourage exports and to ensure that the main economic interests of domestic producers are not adversely affected.
The outward processing regime is an applicable system for products that go abroad for a certain period of time and return to the country after a certain processing. The biggest advantage of this regime...

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what is temporary storage

Temporary Storage: Functioning and Importance

Temporary storage is a process in which goods brought to the customs territory of Turkey and whose import procedures have not yet been completed are kept in a certain area or facilities until they are subjected to a customs-approved process or use. This process starts from the submission of the goods to customs and during this period, the goods are accepted as temporarily stored goods.
Temporary storage is generally used to provide the time required to complete customs procedures or to determine the end use of the goods. During this period, the goods...

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what is export

Export A Trade Success

Exports come to the fore as an element that strengthens the economic structures of countries and increases the level of welfare. In a simple definition, export is the process of sending goods or services from one country to another country and is usually carried out in order to obtain foreign exchange. This activity plays an important role along with imports in the formation of a country's foreign trade balance. The trade that takes place within a country is limited by factors such as population, geographical characteristics, socioeconomic situation and can only affect welfare to a certain extent. However, when exports are added, this effect is more dynamic and spread over a wider area, thus affecting the...

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what is import

Imports: Analysing an Economic Process

Imports refer to the importation of various goods and services from outside the borders of a country into the customs territory of that country. This process is carried out in accordance with import and customs legislation and often involves purchases from other countries or free zones. However, the term import is not limited to the importation of physical goods and services; it also covers various other entries and transactions that may be recognised by the undersecretariat. These entries and transactions are assessed within the framework of the applicable import legislation and the decisions of the relevant regulatory authorities...

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customs broker

Customs Broker Import & Export Processes

In today's world of global trade, export and import transactions are becoming increasingly complex. In order to be successful in commercial activities between countries, it is important to act in accordance with the correct information and current regulations. At this point, customs brokers come into play. Customs brokers play an important role in guiding the export and import processes of businesses, fulfilling the requirements and solving problems. In this blog post, we will discuss what customs brokerage is, why it is important and the advantages it provides for businesses...

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