Who are we?

Monar Customs Brokerage is a boutique company established at the end of 15 years of experience in the sector, working in different Customs Brokerage companies, gaining experience in companies that produce different customer structures and different solutions. It was established in 2023 as a stakeholder of the Customs Brokerage profession, which is one of the most important links of the supply chain process, not with the cumbersomeness of corporate giant offices, but with the dynamic structure of boutique service, synthesised with the vision of the Information Age, taking its strength and support from its business partners at its headquarters in Malte Plaza.

The Institution provides services within the framework of the Laws of the Republic of Turkiye on its way with the motto of being a trustworthy stakeholder in the projects, supply chain, comprehending the legislation, protecting the interests and legal obligations of its customers and being a respected stakeholder among the professionals.

Aiming to bring a different perspective to the sector,
Monar Customs Consultancy makes announcements about its applications and investments on its corporate website, social media and other media organs.

In addition to allocating transactions in accordance with the legislation, which is the most important criterion of our sector, it is an organisation that has provided a happy and fair working environment for its employees within the institution and is aware that employee satisfaction is the most important source of motivation.

Our Future Dream

As Monar, we aim to be one of the best companies in Turkey and become a globally recognised brand by providing customs brokerage services to our customers with the highest level of quality, speed and minimum costs. We are determined to establish long-term business partnerships and maintain our leadership in the sector by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. In short, we want to create a Monar family.

Our Values

As Monar, our main goal is to meet customer expectations in the Customs Brokerage sector, to provide fast, competitive service in accordance with laws and regulations. Our priority is to provide accurate and quality service while analysing processes and reducing costs. It is among our most important principles to meet customer needs accurately and completely, to establish long-term business partnerships by protecting confidentiality and customer satisfaction.

Company Policies

At Monar, we conduct business according to the values contained in our Guidelines. We operate with the highest standards regarding our employees, the environment, the customers and consumers we serve, and all other stakeholders. The following guidelines and policies, statements and standards define what we expect of ourselves and our business partners, operating with integrity around the world.

Our most important resource is our employees. All employment hours must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including social rights, equal opportunity, human rights and labour conditions. A set of global guidelines will be established and put in place to ensure that Monar's labour and employment practices follow consistent principles. Monar's Labour Policy does not permit the employment of young workers under the age of 18. In this context, the provisions of Article 138 of the ILO Convention will be fully and completely implemented.

As a conscious member of the global community, Monar prefers efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective practices and develops its employees and partners with this awareness in order to protect the environment and natural resources; to sustain reasonable prices and to reduce costs.

At Monar, great importance is attached to the protection of all parties who share their information by trusting us, being aware of the privacy of the information provided. Our customers, stakeholders, employees and website visitors and all stakeholders who do business with us trust and expect that we will protect their personal data in line with the commitments we have made. It is under the protection of MONAR corporate policies that the data entered into MONAR records on any occasion will not be used for any purpose without the written consent of the relevant party.

MONAR has determined it as a service policy to provide services in order to continuously improve the service quality determined by the minimum standards in measurable criteria with its competent personnel who have a command of the applicable legislation, equipped with planned trainings.